Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chinese Cooking Party

So, after the party at my mom's, our friend Mae invited all the students to her house to have a Chinese food cooking party. They went over in the afternoon to prepare the yummy food for our evening get together. And we are THANKFUL! When we arrived, Emily, Cindy and Mae were working away in the kitchen :)
Jett was a super star and had many fans attempting to make him smile...
Emily and her boyfriend Leo (who happens to be one of Jett's favorite people)
Emily made this dish with potatoes and tofu. She didn't know of an English translation, so she named it John Ding. Pretty funny name. Pretty delicious dish!
Thanks to all our Asian friends who made us good food and shared their evening with us. We had a blast!

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Mae said...

She named it "John Ding" because that was the closest English word that phonetically sounded like its Chinese name. :) It was funny though, wasn't it?