Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Springtime

It's that time of year when we start scheduling our days around patios and outside activities. It's a good thing Jett's an outdoor baby (unlike his mommy was). Here he is with our beautiful peach trees.

He loves playing with his friend Adelaide. She is always happy to sing him a song, or do a dance or make silly sounds that instantly make him forget what he's whining about :) YAY! Thank you, Adelaide!!
We got to have lunch with Tatu the other day. Jett crawled around on the ground, watching traffic and birds. He'd come over to our chairs and open his mouth like a little bird. Naturally we would give him food, which he would immediately take out of his mouth and crawl around with until it was sufficiently dirty, then he would eat it. YUM. Here's Tatu giving him a french fry - so cute!
Yep. He still likes to drive. He is always very happy standing behind a steering wheel.
Hope your spring days are full of sunshine, blossoms, hope, promise and new life.

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