Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Countdown to 35... Paige just beat me

My sweet friend Paige (the inspiration for my birthday campaign) turned 35 today. Since we first met during our freshman year at Westmont, she has been faithfully beating me to each birthday... Today's post is in her honor. She did a birthday campaign "Mats to Mattresses" which was a TOTAL success!! Yay! So happy the kids have beds and pillows. Now, let's get them some school supplies and uniforms :)

Paige is an amazing human being. She loves with abandon like no one else I've ever known. She's very passionate, uninhibited, fun, smart, and brave. She LOVES a schedule and a plan and a strategy. She is 6' tall. She can sleep comfortably on the floor and often volunteers to. She lived in Thailand when she met her (now) husband, Sean, who lived in Sweden. Now they live in India (with an upcoming 8 month stint in Santa Barbara to have their first baby). They are very international for people born and raised in Southern California!

Paige and I both share the middle name Marie (as do 47% of the female population.) We both love numbers and number patterns. We have lots of funny across-the-world connections. I'm going to try to describe them because they fascinate me, but sorry if it's confusing...

1. My friend Morgan went to Wheaton College for only 1 semester. One of the handful of friends she made while there was Melissa. Melissa married Paige's brother, Nathan.

2. Paige moved to Thailand to work with a pastor, who is the brother of Deborah Ung, a missionary in Cambodia that my church has supported for 20 years. Paige met Deborah and her husband Sophal while in Southeast Asia.

3. Sean's brother, Todd, lives in NYC and is really good friends with my sister's (Cathie) boyfriend's (George) daughter and son-in-law, Jess and Paul.

4. Paige and Sean now work for a indiginous Indian ministry in Ongole, India. My friend, Vanessa, lived in Ongole and worked with the same ministry and is good friends with the couple who run the ministry.

Each time one of these world-wide, international connections are made, I tell Paige it's just God's way of telling us we are supposed to be friends.

Jett and "Aunt Peachy" on her wedding day

In New York City, celebrating our 30th birthdays

In Orange County, celebrating Paige's 33rd birthday
Happy Birthday, Paige. So thankful for you and your friendship. I'm excited to see what God has in store this year!

Join me in raising $3,500 in 35 days for school supplies and uniforms. Fifty dollars covers 2 uniforms, 2 shoes, 3 socks, school bag, pens and pencils. If I reach my goal of $3,500, 70 children will receive the school supplies and uniforms they need to succeed!

Please consider making a donation in any amount to Covenant Children's Homes (a ministry of India Christian Ministries)! That will be the best birthday gift I could receive!

To give a gift of school supplies, click the PayPal link below:

To learn more about the kids at Covenant Children's Home, visit:

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ReneeC said...

Happy birthday Cheryl! I just donated $100! So happy to help these kids in your honor. Love you so much, Renee

PS: it may show up as Jacob Cangemi Memorial Scholarship since that's my PayPal account.