Friday, January 4, 2013

Countdown to 35... Uniforms

One of the many wonderful things about being a Haun is that the "day-after-Christmas-blues" can be put off until January 2 (because we celebrate on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day), at which point, my birthday month (which you also celebrate as a Haun) celebrations can commence and after-Christmas blues are almost forgotten! If only someone would come put away my Christmas decorations for me, I'd be set!

I'm so happy that a contribution has already been made to my birthday campaign! Birthday month celebrations have begun... Having grown up wearing a school uniform all my school days from 2nd to 11th grade (minus a handful of jeans days - thrilling! - per year), giving the gift of uniforms is really special. I loved not having to choose clothes to wear to school every day. I often envy my sister-in-law, Morgan, who works for Southwest and wears a uniform to work. Recently, they've added a cute dress to their options and Mo looks so cute in hers...

Flying the friendly skies...
Most of the Indian village children in the area where Paige and Sean work will go to government schools and will be given a free uniform to wear to school. All of the orphan children in the Covenant Children's Homes are attending private schools, where nothing free is given out, including uniforms!  Before Paige and Sean began their work in Ongol, there were no funds for school uniforms or shoes or school bag. The children went to school carrying plastic bags and wearing old tattered clothes. This made them stand out. Most of the kids at the private schools come from wealthy families who provide all the needs of their children and more.

At first, Paige knew which children were theirs because they were the only ones in the classes without uniforms. Uniforms because top priority after that. They want these precious kids to know Whose kids they are, to walk in dignity with no trace of an orphaned spirit.  They want them to feel part of a family. Uniforms help the children feel worthy of the education they are receiving.

I am doing a campaign to raise $3,500 in the 35 days leading up to my 35th birthday to buy school supplies and uniforms for $50 per child (includes 2 uniforms, 2 shoes, 3 socks, school bag, pens and pencils). If I reach my goal of $3,500, 70 children will receive the school supplies they need to succeed!

So, if you want to celebrate my birthday with a gift, please consider making a donation to Covenant Children's Homes (a ministry of India Christian Ministries)! That will be the best gift I can imagine...

Before uniforms and bags

After uniforms and bags!
To give a gift of school supplies, click the PayPal link below:

To learn more about the kids at Covenant Children's Home, visit:

Happy New Year!


Sean and Paige Whiting said...

I think is my new favorite website. Thanks, Cheryl! You should really turn 35 more often!

Christina said...

what an amazing idea. Truly an example of the Father's heart. Christina Graham