Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the rest of the story...

Aside from the beautiful bride and the bouncing baby boys, we had tons of fun (in no particular chronological order):

Paige and Sean treated all their friends to breakfast at East Beach Grill. Banana Wheat Germ Pancakes and lovely girls - ahhhh.
Dana came and visited with us in some of the down times at the rental house where the Hauns, the Zakaryans and their Grammys stayed. It is always wonderful to be with her.

My mom came and helped A TON with baby Jett! She's the best Grammy in the world :)

Immediately following the wedding ceremony, Paige and Sean hired the trolley to take the wedding party (and dates) on a 1-hour tour of Santa Barbara, complete with fun music, dancing, snack, champagne and lots of pictures. So fun!!

Brent and Kim (Asher stayed with his Grammy, too. He treated his Grammy a lot better than Jett treated his, though!)

The newly engaged Marci (soon to be Mrs. Gentzkow) and Chris. Aren't they glamorous?! So excited to visit California again in January for their nuptials. We also got to spend some good time with Chris while Marci was driving around the bride. He passed, Bub - you can marry him :)

The fun bride and groom. They were so happy and so in love and so beautiful. Love them and so excited for their lives together.

We got to see Mel, Dan, Caleb and meet little Gracie. Love the Barnetts!!
I miss these girls out here in Texas. Always thankful for an excuse to visit! A wedding is an especially wonderful occasion.
And the getaway... on a Vespa! Aren't they the cutest! Mr. & Mrs. Whiting, off to France :)


Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

You look soooo happy in all of these! :D Life is just better lived with best friends.

Jackie Sue said...

I just caught up on like ALL your recent blogging activity and LOVE all the pictures! I'm glad you had fun getting Paige married off in Cali, and Jett is just adorable with all his funny faces. :) Let's get together again!