Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can Jett really be 5 months already?!

A lot can happen in 5 months, you know?! Look at this guy sitting up by himself, wrestling with his elephant, standing while leaning on his chair, smiling his cute dimply face off... Well, I guess he's done that for awhile now :) He sure is fun these days! Now if only we could get those teeth to come in, we'd be in good shape.

Jett Remington Haun - we love you, little man!


Zakaryans said...

standing?? really??? this kid is advanced!

Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

It seems like it's been over 5 months! He's really still so little, for a little while longer. :)

I saw the pics Beth took of your family. AMAZING!!!

Mae said...

I love how he's eating his ele. He is gonna be a man's man that boy!