Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling Down on the Blog...

It's been so busy! This is THE BIRTHDAY month for us. I seriously know at least one or two people with birthdays every day from September 9 to September 29! Whew - who has time to take pictures or blog with all those birthdays to celebrate?! Not me!!

We had our annual Nicholas Family September birthday party: Austin is 12, Carlee is 16, James (in absentia) is 38 and David is 45!

Morgan got to celebrate her birthday at Holly's house because Honey got sick! On Mo's birthday! I mean, the nerve :) Hope you are feeling better, Honey. We missed you...

Casey and I signed up to be a part of a program to get to know an international student. We went to a "match party" last night at UTD and got matched with the CUTEST girl from Taiwan. Her name is Tzu-Yun, but she chose Emily as her American name. Her dimples match Jett's!! We can't wait to get to know her better. I thought Paige would appreciate the peace sign fingers :)

Since we were so close to Grammy's house, we stopped by to feed Jett and put him to sleep. But Grammy thought he needed to learn to play the tambourine instead. He was a natural, let me tell you.

I've skipped many events in this post, but it's the best I can do today. My sweet husband is beckoning me to join him on this lovely morning on the porch while he repairs the porch swing he busted over the weekend :) How can I resist?


Mae said...

sww.... how sweet! the birthdays, the joining you hubby on the swing, and the Taiwanese International student! I'll teach you some Mandarin to speak to her so she feels "at home!" :)

Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

What fun you have been having! :D

So Jett's going to be a musician, huh? The tamborine. That's a loud, I mean interesting, choice. ;)

REALLY neat that you are participating in the international student program. That was on my heart too, but just wouldn't work out right now.

Love seeing you all. But we should make plans to see you in person soon.