Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Boys

One of the bonuses of our visit to California for Paige's wedding was getting to meet Asher and hang out with his parents :) He's a cutie and the boys had some cute, funny interaction - even at 4 months.

They wore matching outfits to Auntie Paige's wedding and they were HANDSOME! And she was brave... this was before the wedding!

Love this shot that Uncle "Z" captured at our very cool rental house. Classic Jett face and Casey hair.
Uncle Z read to the boys, but Asher kept rolling over and Jett kept grabbing his ear. So funny!
A manly walk around Ladera in the Baby Bjorns. The little boys are actually holding hands here.
Good thing Z has an awesome camera. We got some great shots out of the deal. Thanks, Z! Jett loved the ocean, even as cold as the Pacific is!
Here are my boys during the wedding ceremony. So cool.
Sweet Mr. Asher Bean. I love him and miss his round head already!

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