Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheryl + Casey + Baby Boy

Hey friends,
As you may know, we are planning to adopt a baby due on May 1! We are very excited about how God has opened the doors for us to expand our family. I got to be in the sonogram yesterday and I got to see our little boy moving and kicking and being modest. I would post the proof that he really is a boy, but considering the father he will have, I think it's best to delay his exhibitionism as long as possible! We are planning to have an open adoption and know the birth mother and her parents. God has really weaved together some amazing details and we know this little guy has an amazing destiny and we're so excited to be his mommy and daddy. Here he is:
Profile - head on right facing up. I love that blurry little nose! And that tummy (middle) and those scrunched up legs (left).One foot on right, two feets on left!

He's laying on his side and staring right at you. I admit, this one's a little alienish, but we did see a brain where that black void is, so don't worry. He does have one. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest... Can you see his little fingers under his right cheek? It looks like he has my pointy chin, too! :)

Thank you for all your prayers. Keep them up - we've got a lot of things to work out logistically before May... and definitely after. But every bit is worth it; we are so extremely happy!


Beth Dreyer said...

Oh Cheryl, he's SO cute!!! That little profile one is adorable, I'm SO excited for you!!!

Amy said...

I'm crying tears of joy! We just love this little guy so much already. Brett can't wait to show him the ropes. It's so exciting! He could not be more blessed with you two as parents.

Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

Cheryl!!! I had no idea this was happening. I am very excited about this news. Lets talk soon. love, mel

Mae said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I am just thrilled to bits. Absolutely thrilled. I agree. He is soooo blessed, so blessed, God picked you guys to be his parents. What an exciting future awaits him and you!

t h e G l e s s n e r s said...

Another boy! Wow, we're 5 for 5 for first born boys. I am so happy for you guys! What a gift!

Katherine said...

SOOOO exciting! :) And we thank the Lord baby shared his gender! :) Hoping Angie is feeling better these days!!!
Love you both!

Kaye said...

Casey and Cheryl,
I beyond thrilled as we anxiously await the arrival of our next grandbaby! We cannot wait!!
Love you!