Monday, December 15, 2008

Reflections on Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I just finished my first Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate of the season. Generally, I choose not to use my allocated funds and calories for such a treat, but when I do, I really appreciate it. I was just reflecting the other day on the mark Starbucks has made on history as we know it. I mean, they've done an amazing job! And, according to logic, I should not like Starbucks for the following reasons: 1) I don't like their coffee. Even the decaf gives me a headache; 2) I really dislike their treats because they normally won't heat them up - and who wants a cold scone or refrigerated cookie? 3) You never know how your drink will turn out, as it all depends on the barista. And if they're new or mad at the world, you might just get a Chai Tea Latte that tastes like warm milk with something in it too faint to identify; and 4) They're outrageously overpriced and they seem dangerously close to ruling the world. But, when I smell the smell and see the signs, I have an automatic Pavlov's dogs drooling reaction (no drool actually comes out of my mouth) - I'm whisked away to a snowy day in Colorado with rainbows landing on my face through the Starbucks window and I have to make a concerted effort to steer clear. But when it's offered to me as a gift - as it was today from Pastor Hugh - just 10 days before Christmas, I cannot refuse. And whoever was at the bar today did not let me down. Yum.


Brent said...

I can vouch for the rainbows on the face. Great analysis of the Bucks. I have given in to my obsession. I love it. I try to limit my exposure to it (caffeine and frivolous spending), but nonetheless, I love it. Especially when it's freezing like it is now.

PS: I love Costco too. Mmmm...jumbo churros.

Zakaryans said...

Me too! I'll never forget those rainbows on the face... what a wonderful memory. I also have had seasons of just surrendering to my love of Starbucks. Right now I am trying to limit my consumption of peppermint hot chocolates because I don't want all that sugar... but then, I drink them year around, Christmas or not... so I certainly get my fill! I love you Chner!

Jackie Sue said...

Yum yum yum. Now we just have to work on, well, changing your entire attitude about Starbucks. Monopoly? Yes. A business whose very name has actually replaced the word 'coffee?' Yes. Do I love it every chance I get? Yes. Just can't get away from the warm fuzzies I get when I pull into the drive-through, and how $1.62 can make me feel like I've just given myself a little gift.

Paige said...

Starbucks to me is something American. It may be overpriced but I have to disagree with the taste depending on the barista. To me, it is consistent all over the world. When I order a Vanilla Latte in Belmont Shores, California, it tastes the same as it does in Ubonrachetani, Thailand. The decorations are the same, the mood is the same, the products are the same and when I need a taste of America in Thailand, I go to Starbucks.
One thing they don't have is Peppermint Mochas at Christmas and that makes me sad! Enjoy one for me!